Falcon Field Airport

Mesa, Arizona


Completed April 2013

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NAV and Strobe Lighting


This one was a head scratcher for me. The wingtips were still in their white gelcoat and well the “Nav” lights and “strobes” were FNP. Time for another Scott to the rescue action.

With the wingtips off, I decided that I was going to add the correct NAV and strobes to them. I bought the FlyLED NAV/Strobe Kit. This is probably the coolest kit I have ever seen. This was a really fun project! I enjoyed making the NAV/strobe kit, soldering it all up, making the controller board, running the wiring, all of it. I downloaded the PDF stencil for the cutout so I could work on the tips while the FLYLed kit was shipping to me. I made the cutouts and added nutplates to the tips for the plexi. Ted had them secured in a single location on top/bottom. I added a couple more to both top and bottom.

Nutplates installed
The wingtips were primed after being cutout and nutplates installed.

I think this was at the point I got my kit delivered. This was where it got fun. Here’s some assembly pictures.

Soldering on the strobe lights. The smaller round one along the edge are the NAV lights.
The control board for the FlyLED lights. This will get installed under the seat pans.

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