Falcon Field Airport

Mesa, Arizona


Completed April 2013

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Fixing & Painting the Tail Feathers


So I flew the plane twice before I took her down for maintenance. Once I had the cowling off to replace the fuel pump, I couldn’t get those pieces into the back of the Tahoe quick enough to get them home and start fixing this beast.

While the cowling was off, I decided to pull the wingtips and the tail feathers. These were in a sad way and I knew I needed to get these fixed if I was going to be able to show some pride in my plane.

As you can see, these fiberglass tips were just drilled and riveted on with standard blind rivets.

This is the HS in the primer stage. I didn’t take any pictures of the process with the micro, Rage Gold, etc.
The other parts laying around the family room. Don’t mind the dog bowl.
VS in primer
First you shoot the yellow…
…then mask to “save the yellow”…
…and shoot the red…
…then the clear-coat…
…and let it cure.

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