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Mesa, Arizona


Completed April 2013

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The First Update – New N-Number


First things first, getting the N-number updated. I ordered some custom vinyl N-numbers from a small biz that I found on VAF (I think). They’re called Sign Specialists, and here’s a link to their website. Give them your business – they do great work and are fast!

When I got my approval to hang my new N-number on the plane, that was the first thing I did. I drove out to the hangar that night and started working on it. This is where the fun started.

Ted used some numbers/letters he bought from the aviation section of Home Depot that met the FAA requirements for height, etc. What I didn’t know was that the worlds strongest adhesive was used for these letters.

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BITCH! These things were on there good. It took me over two hours with a heat gun, a plastic scraper, acetone, and enough elbow grease to row yourself to England to get those stupid letters off. I was astounded as to how difficult it was.

On the upside, once I got them off, the new N-numbers went on with little to no fanfare. Spray on some soapy water, follow the rest of the directions for application, squeegee out the bubbles, makes sure everything looks good, AND enjoy.

Even though these will get removed when I paint, they look orders of magnitude better than what I had.
This is a later picture taken 12/2019 at ONT, but it at least shows the “not Home Depot” N-Numbers.

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