Falcon Field Airport

Mesa, Arizona


Completed April 2013

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Shop and Hangar Info

The Tools


I had a complete set of tools from Cleaveland Tools when I built #72102. I sold a good deal of them to Ted with the plane so I am going to be re-tooling the shop. This time I am doing some things differently.

The Compressor

I purchased a Quincy 60-gallon, belt driven, oiled compressor. I also bought the Rapid Air Maxline 1/2″ system to deliver air to both sides of the shop and a third drop on the other side of the shop wall for working on the truck.

My intention is to paint the plane myself. I like the idea of painting as I go and getting things painted before going to the final assembly. So I will need a good compressor with lots of capacity to paint the plane.

Here’s a shot of some of the Maxline system installed. This thing is the bomb dot com.
Pressure regulator and oil separator

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